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I’ve been dropping by NOX for about 6 months…not once have I been disappointed.

Actual 5 star Google rating from Calvin 

“If you are looking for a real deal and great environment check out NOX Dojo!”

Actual 5 Star Google Rating from Roman Z

About Us

Since 1990, NOX Dojo has been helping Markham and its surrounding areas fulfilling the need of a professional and traditional karate club. Among the top clubs in Markham, we are neither the cheapest nor most expensive but provide the best value. Being the only club to offer Aikido, Kenjitsu, Sport Karate, and Traditional Karate in one facility and at one price.

Our instructors are highly skilled and experienced with their education from Japan. They have among the highest ranks within their organizations. Ranks aside, they are driven polishing their craft and contributing to a better community. 

Our 6,000 square foot facility houses a training room and a main dojo with custom tatami. We used to say “NOX Dojo is a small dojo with a big heart.” Although we are no longer the smallest dojo, we still believe in having a big heart. Come in and experience the difference.


Our Vision

Recognizing the old adage, “That nothing worthwhile comes easy.” NOX Dojo is a safe space for all who wish to improve their personal lives through creative practice and by challenging their limits. 

We achieve this through disciplined martial arts practice with reverence to the human potential.

Why NOX Dojo?

One Teacher

In each of our programs, you have the same highly skilled master instructor to teach you from white belt to black belt. This is unique among large established clubs in the Markham and surrounding areas.

A Great Space

NOX Dojo is designed as an open industrial space with both bleachers and individual chairs for spectators. Large open training area for up to 60 people at a time. There is a strength training area as well to compliment our martial arts training.

No Long Term Commitment

Why commit for a year when you don’t have to. Our memberships range from 3 months to a year. Choose whichever term is best for your schedule. No long term commitments or high pressure sales staff.

Achieve Your Potential

Just because something is difficult, it does not make it impossible. Martial arts challenge your spirit, body, and mind to achieve new limits and growth. Join our club today and let’s grow together. 

Nox Dojo is awesome. You can take any of the classes (assuming you meet the skill/age requirements). Sensei Wong is entertaining in his classes, but he makes sure you learn the proper techniques and provides pearls of wisdom. Actual 5 star Google rating from Grant