Sensei Sean Wong

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Since 1985, Sensei Sean Wong has been active in the martial arts. Experienced in numerous disciplines such as Karate, Ju-jitsu, and Okinawa Kobudo, his primary passion is towards Karate. As the principal of NOX Martial Arts Clubs Inc (o/a NOX Dojo) he is committed maintaining much of the old standards of the ancient masters.

He opened his dojo in 1990 primarily as way to refine his martial arts and hone his teaching ability. During these early years, Sensei Wong refined his teaching formula where he was able to maintain the old standards of karate’s traditional curriculum but still offer it within a positive and supportive atmosphere.  In 2005, with the new formula in hand, he named the the school NOX.

Since then, the karate program at NOX Dojo is the first to become recognized by the Okinawa Goju-Kai, one of Okinawa’s prestigious association for Okinawa Karate. At a competitive level, he has lead his team to earn medals at the Pan Am Karate Association’s Championships with several national titles as well.

Here is his CV:

Professional Career

  • 2011 –2015
    Founded Meibukan Houkonkai and became a representative to the Meibukan Hombu Dojo for overseas dojos
  • 1998 –2015
    Meibukan Karate, nominated and acknowledged as representative of the Okinawa Karate-do Goju-Ryu Meibukan Association and authorized to implement curriculum as taught in Japan
  • 1990–Present
    Principal, Nox Martial Arts Club, Markham, Ontario. Owner of Markham’s longest running Karate Dojo which, since 1992, is the first karate dojo in Markham with certification from Okinawa, Japan’s Meibukan Karate Association
  • 1985–Present
    Professional and qualified instructor of karate
  • 2005 Inventor – Patented SparMate, electronically (computer) controlled punching bag for training athletes and coaching assessment of their performance. (USPTO#6,280,251, Practice Striking Device)

Coaching Career

  • 2015 – 2018 Led a Canadian karate team to the Amateur Athletic Union nationals with numerous medals earnings.
  • 2006 and 2002 Okinawa Goju-Kai Karate-Do Association: Demonstrated Karate at the Association as a Canadian representative in Okinawa, Japan.
  • 2003 World Karate & Kobudo Tournament, organized trip for Nox Martial Arts Club members to participate at a tournament in Okinawa, Japan and in addition coached the Canadian Meibukan Karate Team
  • 2000, 1999, 1998 National Level Karate Competition, Canada: Coached athletes for the competition
  • 1998 Self-Defence: Formulated curriculum for self-defence, now taught at high schools throughout the York Region District School Board.

Formal Instruction

  • 1998 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP): Practical Level 1
  • 1998 National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP): Theory Level 1 & 2
  • 1987 Seneca College, Courses in Anatomy and Physiology, Fitness, Leadership, Fitness Testing and Nutrition (Fitness Ontario Leadership Program)
  • 1986 London, England, formal courses in Ju-Jitsu 1984 Primary Safety Response: Certification for Red Cross Emergency First Aid, Red Cross Emergency CPR (Certification updated for 2006/2007)


  • 2014 7th Degree Black Belt Meibukan Karate, Okinawa, Japan awarded by Master Meitetsu Yagi (10th Degree black belt)
  • 2011 Approved Shibu Cho for Mugen Ryu Kenjitsu by Sensei Shimada Mitsutoshi (Soke)
  • 2009 6th Degree Black Belt Meibukan Karate, Okinawa, Japan awarded by Master Meitetsu Yagi (10th Degree black belt)
  • 2005 5th Degree Black Belt Meibukan Karate, Okinawa, Japan awarded by Master Meitetsu Yagi (10th Degree black belt)
  • 1985 Black Belt Kempo Karate
  • 1985 Black Belt Ju-Jitsu


  • 2006 –2008 Karate Association of Ontario, Secretary
  • 2005– 2008 Present National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) Karate, member of the committee for Karate
  • 2005 – 2008Karate Association of Ontario, Director