Markham City Open
eKata Championships
November 6-16, 2020

“[MCO] has the best volunteers. Anonymous Official

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The world of kata tournaments have been transformed to meet the remarkable challenges of 2020. Sunday, November 8th, 2020, Markham City Open is a virtual event where athletes’ katas are seen and judged virtually by officials from all over the world. No travel or accommodation expenses but all the fun and rewards. Participating in virtual events like these are a proven way to improve your skills. As a bonus, every competing athletes gets ranked by SportData. Compete against the planet’s top ranked amateur eTournament athletes.

MCO 2020 Details 

Draw Sheet Publication: Thursday, November 5, 2020
Eliminations Start Date: Friday, November 6, 2020
End Date: November 16, 2020 (pending number of athletes)


Athletes earning first place in each elite division receive a gold medal by mail. In addition all athletes will receive an electronic certificate with Japanese calligraphy brushed by the promoter.

Elite and Non-Elite Divisions

  • Non-elite (Green Belt and Under) athletes may choose to compete in both Elite or Non-Elite divisions.
  • Elite (Blue Belts and Higher) athletes must compete in Elite divisions only 

Entry Fees

  • Elite Divisions = €15 (Medals awarded)
  • Non-Elite Divisions = €10

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  • MCO 2020 Championships is a Kata only eTournament
  • Athletes are permitted to compete in multiple divisions that are equal or higher to their age and experience.
  • Elite is defined as having a belt higher than green belt.
  • Non-Elite is defined as having a belt green belt or lower.
  • Only Katas from the official Kata list (Appendix A) are permitted.

Non-Elite Divisions

  • Non-Elite athlete \ may repeat the kata in all rounds.

Elite Divisions (Medals Awarded)

Participants 4 – 13 years

  • A minimum of 2 kata required
  • Must not perform the same kata consecutively.

Participants 14+ years

  • Must perform a different kata in every round (Cannot repeat kata at any time)

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