Markham City Open is a fundraising karate tournament supporting Team Meibukan/Club Seiryu and  highlights traditional karate and kobudo for all ages and belt levels. 

“[MCO] has the best volunteers. Anonymous Official
“[MCO] is perfectly run.” Anonymous Official

Sponsored in part by NOX Dojo, Markham City Open has it’s roots starting back in 2012 as a 2 club invitational shiai. Renamed Markham City Open in 2016 it has grown to host 20+ clubs and upwards of 200 athletes highlighting both karate and kobudo disciplines.

2019 Highlights

In 2019, MCO became an official recreational tournament for our Provincial Sports Organization. We are grateful for our cash sponsors who helped make it happen. These are Citi Financial, City of Markham, Kids Dental, and York Alliance. Sponsors in kind are Towerlitho, George’s Tastee, Sports Town, Northville Rehabilition Centre, and T-Horton’s.

Over 70 volunteers from NOX Dojo and 18 skilled officials from the OKF came to together to marshal close to 200 athletes from 21 clubs. Athletes were highly skilled that offered challenging opportunities for growth and development. These clubs were AC-TKO (Albany NY), Brad Jones Karate, Central YMCA, CNY Karate (Syracuse NY), Dynasty Karate, Goal Max, Ingersol Karate, Jennings Karate School, Kaizen Martial Arts, Kanzenkai Karate, Karate School Dragon (Utica NY), Kazoku Martial Arts Centre, Kishan Shotokan, Kichener Karate Academy, Satori Dojo, Scarborough Shito Ryu, Shindokan Canada, Shitokai Penetanguishene, Shiva Fighters, Toraguchi Martial Arts, and NOX Dojo.    

Thank you sponsors
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November 8th 2020

Always the second weekend in November.

As with every year, MCO  makes improvements for each consecutive event. For 2020, there will be an easier online registration process for both officials and athletes. In addition, we will be adding dedicated divisions for Elite athletes who compete at the provincial, state, or national levels. Please stay tuned for details.

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