Welcome to The Coaches Portal for Markham City Open. Due to CoVid-19, your position as coach is a vital role for the safety of your athletes and community. On top of advocating for athletes in times of need, coaches bring their prior experiences to the tatami to bridge the information gap between Officials and Athletes. This portal aims to offer coaches as much prior information as possible to help the event run smoothly and enjoyable for members of your team.


A Team consists of coaches, athletes, and volunteers. It also indirectly includes family members of athletes. If a family member who is a non-coach approaches an official with regards to call or judgement of a bout or match thus interfering the progress and safety of the event, that person could be deemed a member of the team as a volunteer Team Member thus affecting the judgement of your athlete. It is therefore important to manage the behaviour of all members directly and indirectly.

Step 1:
Sign up with SportData:
Signing up is easy and free. You will have to enter pertinent data all of your athletes and coaches. There is a maximum of 1 coach per tatami permitted plus a head coach.

Step 2:
Get Familiar with the Rules
MCO Rules use the WKF rules as a template. As this is a recreational event, thus a learning opportunity, there will be a certain level of leniency afforded to athletes according to their belt level. Such tolerance is offered on the conformation of uniforms, decoration, equipment colour, WKF homologation, etc… However any ruling regarding safety such as hair clips, missing of equipment, etc… will be fully enforced. Our insurance requires mandated helmet. Therefore this equipment is required in addition to the WKF sparring equipment. Points, warnings, and penalties are are per WKF rules. 

Elimination System for Kata

  1. Double Elimination: Athletes compete a minimum of 2 times in order to earn a spot on the podium
  2. There are 2 bronze medals and each a gold and silver
  3. Flag System: Athletes will compete 2 at a time. One will be deem Aka (Red) and the other Ao (Blue). Judges will choose the better athlete based on the WKF rules by raising the corresponding flag colour. Winner is determined by the most number of flags. 
  4. Kata is restricted to the list detailed in the MCO Recreational Rules of Competition 

Elimination System for Kobudo

  1. Single Elimination by Scores: Athletes are scored based on the criteria as defined in the MCO Kobudo Rules and Regulations. Athlete with the highest score is the winner 
  2. There are 2 bronze medals and each a gold and silver
  3. Athletes will compete 1 at a time.  

Step 3:
Register For Your Coaches Wristband
Coaches will be required to wear a wristband to enter the competition area. To get a wristband coaches must complete MCO 2021 Coaches Form. This applies to every coach. Wristbands will be ready for you at the door.

Step 4:
Register your Athletes through SportData:
All registration and payments must be done through SportData. There is a short learning curve required but once you do 1 athlete all others registrations are the same. Due to CoVid, no on-site registration is available.

Step 5:
Spectators Must Pre-purchase Tickets
Due to CoVid-19, we will NOT be accepting cash for entrance fees. All spectators must prepay.