Sensei Sean Wong maintains a family environment,
is strict, disciplined and really shows an investment
to his students. Prior to karate, both my girls had only
been in dance so karate was definitely out of their
comfort zone. They felt immediately comfortable…
…instantly loved the workouts, the discipline, and
most importantly their Sensei!

Sgt. Vj She
Toronto Police Services

Classes At NOX

Day Camps at NOX

At NOX we have unleashed dozens of hidden superstars
who do well in tournaments locally and internationally.
More important that earning medals however is good
sportsmanship, strong character, and long lasting friendships.

My child is too shy. I want her to be more confident.

Sensei Sean is an understanding teacher that measures
everyone ability
individually and helps them progress. I was so
impressed that 
now my daughter, brother and 3 nieces are students.

Dino S.

I am getting calls from my child’s school.

It’s not easy being either a teacher or student today.
At NOX we have strategies in place to help with
behavioral, attention, and peer conflict challenges.