Reduce Stress
Lose Weight
Protect Yourself
Earn A Black Belt

Have a Blast

Karate, Aikido, Japanese Swords, Okinawa Weapons
Four Exciting Martial Arts
One Convenient Location

Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate

Seishinkai Aikido 

Kobudo and Kenjitsu

Learning Aikido at NOX Dojo is exiting, challenging,
helpful and fun at the same time. Facilities are spacious
and kept  clean….That is why if you are looking for a
high level of instruction, collaborative and respectful
atmosphere – NOX Dojo is the place for you.

Roman Z.

Reduce stress and have lots of fun getting your black belt. 

Burn those calories and and get stronger everyday.
The martial arts is a complete mind, body, and
spiritual workout that is safe and keeps you safe.


Male or female, young or old, the martial arts is a lifelong and rewarding activity. 

Sensei George Hewson, is an excellent
instructor of the Aikido Program here at
NOX Dojo.  His instructional methodology
is very comprehensive as he breaks down
the technique  step by step and continues to
build on previous learning within the class
and throughout your practice.  

Joel A.