Start a happier and healthier life today with confidence of the martial arts at NOX Dojo.

Our master instructors will help you get where

you want to be. 

NOX Dojo has been servicing the Markham and surrounding areas since 1990 with top notch martial arts programs like Karate, Kobudo, Kenjitsu, and Aikido. 

About Us

At NOX Dojo, you get one instructor from white belt to black belt. Sensei Sean Wong for Okinawa Goju Ryu Karate (Meibukan) or Shihan George Hewson for Aikido (Aikikai) brings decades of experience to their classes. Our 6000 square foot dojo has ample space for safety. Our student to teacher ratio is low to ensure a quality and safe learning environment.  

“Sensei Sean is an amazing teacher that is extremely helpful and has created a wonderful teaching environment that balances both discipline and fun. My son looks forward to going every week, I would highly recommend Nox to anyone looking for a Dojo in Markham area.”
Actual 5 star rating by Rob G.


Our Vision

NOX Dojo has “A Tradition of Excellence”. Our vision is to offer superb martial arts leadership in a positive learning environment. We combine modern sports science, traditional ethical values, perseverance, and strict set of safety rules to achieve our objectives.    

“Amazing instructors, family like atmosphere, spacious modern and clean facilities. Traditional teaching. If you are looking for a real deal and great environment,check out NOX Dojo!”
Actual 5 star rating by Roman Z.

Why Us?

One Instructor

NOX Dojo has dedicated instructor for each discipline to nurture your journey from white belt to black belt. Thus offering you a consistent guidance throughout your quest for either improved health or belt target. 

Custom Programs

At NOX Dojo, every class is different to suit each day. Whether you are signing up for your self or your child, everyone is unique and special. So why go to a cookie cutter martial arts school that offer franchised syllabus. 

Stop, Go No Further

Karate, Kenjitsu, Kobudo, and Aikido are offered at NOX Dojo. Multiple martial arts at a single location at no extra charge. Come in and see the difference. It “NOX” your socks off!  

Positive Learning Environment

After all the hard work, sweat, and soreness, feel the amazing and sweet feeling of victory. You did it! Through positive motivation, you are challenged to achieve your personal best and relieve your stress.  

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Our Master Instructors professionally trained and passionately involved

Sensei Sean Wong 7th Dan Karate

Sensei Sean Wong 7th Dan Karate

Shihan George Hewson 7th Dan Aikido

Shihan George Hewson 7th Dan Aikido